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Versatile Works of Art

While our barrettes look delicately beautiful, they are made to be reasonably durable and get plenty of use.
Our feathers are adhered to a well secured leather backing and designed with a sturdy yet comfortable stainless steel clip.

The pictures show the barrettes in a certain direction. However over the years we have noticed people wearing them whatever way they choose, including straight up on the back of their heads.

Our barrettes have also been used as adornments on purse fronts, hats, lapels etc. They have been dangled from many a rear view mirror and even some necklaces. The way you choose to enjoy your Comet barrette will influence the wear and tear factor to some extent, but again they are pretty enduring.

When ordering keep in mind that the pictures of our barrettes are taken as close as possible to better display the piece to the buyer. While our barrettes are significantly larger then most others, please be sure to consider the measurements closely before ordering. Also keep in mind that feathers look different under various lighting. Many of the feathers we use are iridescent and can reflect a multitude of colors because of this. The barrettes may vary slightly from the picture but are all very close to the photo and unbelievably beautiful.

You will absolutely love your unique 'work of art' when you open the box.


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