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Conscious Creations

At Native Riders we eagerly endeavor to make all our handcrafted items with respect and honor for all living things. We pay homage to our ancestor’s by remembering the old ways of gathering resources, thereby leaving our world as unpolluted and unspoiled as possible. Only by doing things in this mindful way can ones creation’s attain their full beauty and power. We personally gather many of our own material’s, as well as screen our supplier’s for outstanding environmental and humane practice’s (e.g. use of cruelty free feathers). In this same vein, our work environment is tailored to reduce, reuse and recycle. The following is just a few ways we do this:

   We make full use of our leather hides and never throw out ‘leftovers’ from pattern cutting, as everything eventually can be used.

  We support our local supplier’s when ever possible to cut down on the transportation effects of long distance delivery, amongst other reasons.

   Minimal staff use of paper products in everyday use as well as in packaging practices.

  Non-toxic shop supplies (e.g. glue).

  Support of ethical fair trade products.


At Native Riders we are always growing in our efforts to progress in our stewardship of the planet. Forever students of the globe we strive to improve daily, realizing there is much to learn and integrate into our lifestyles and habits. We pledge to continue to develop in this area and hope to inspire others to do the same.


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