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Welcome Friend,

You have arrived at a most unique destination. Native Riders is a rare company indeed. We are proud to be one of the last sources for handmade, native inspired works of art. From Leather jackets and feather accessories to authentic peace pipes and dream catchers, we do it all. Our award winning work has been worn by celebrities Cher, Ann Margaret, Clint Eastwood and many others. Our genuine designs have found there way to many movies including Dances with Wolves and Young Guns 1 & 2.

What makes us both different and sought after? We believe it is our determination to stay "old school." We insist on making only the highest quality Made in America goods possible. Many of our items include lifetime guarantees. By using top grade leather and select materials we find ourselves on that "Road Less Traveled" - a road that so many in our profession avoid. While they often sacrifice excellence to save time and money, we refuse to lower our standards. ALL of our creations are patterned, cut, laced and ornamented by hand. Only in cases where a zipper is needed will a sewing machine be used.

Native Riders offers a large variety of colorful leather from deer to buffalo. Our embellishments include turquoise, silver, semi-precious stones, dyes, paints, wood, antler, bone, beads, conchos and hand cut fringe.

We create authentic ceremonial regalia and replicas. We choose to be an all inclusive, global thinking resource. We cater to many styles and a wonderful array of customers. From tribal edged motor cyclist to our boho-eclectic crowd, we enjoy creating for all.

Native riders delights in the idea of a excitingly diverse sub-culture that allows for the individuality and creativity so absent in the main stream of current fashion. We delight in creating custom, one-of-a-kind designs.

Ultimately, if we can in some small way call to mind the forgotten traditions of our native ancestors, while embracing the original creativity of the "now", we fill fulfilled as a company.

If you want to own or wear beautiful works of art made with the highest respect for all living things, then you are our kind of customer. 

Again we say "Welcome Friend"

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