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Panama Palm Leaf Hats

Handcrafted by the Mayan people of Guatemala, the ‘Panama Hat’ has enjoyed a long history of use. In the past, it has been worn by everyone from the miners of the California Gold Rush to The ‘American Cowboys’ of the Old West. Today, it is not unusual to see Entertainers the world over in a ‘Panama’. From Jason Mraz to Anthony Hopkins, it seems its international popularity shows no signs of slowing down.

Native Riders carries only the highest quality ‘Panama’s’. Unlike many paper made versions on the market, ours are Guatemalan made with only the finest , durable palm leaves. This is no run of the mill (cracking) ‘straw hat’. High standards for tight weaving ensure a very water resistant, yet moldable body while quality blocking of the weave creates an even surface with no unsightly bubbling.

They are so versatile, they can be worn with everything from casual suits to vacation shorts. Perfect for gardening or any prolonged outdoor activity that requires sun protection and if thats not enough their also nearly rain-proof.

We hand shape and adorn your ‘Panama’ to your custom fit and liking. They are perfect for travel in your suitcase, as with a little water they reshape perfectly.

We back your hat with a 100% guarantee.

Hat sizes from 6 7/8'' to 7 3/4''
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Panama Palm Leaf Hat
Panama Palm Leaf Hat
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